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Every child is a genius

At Orange Sky Preschool, we believe that every child is born with innate brilliance and limitless potential. Our school is dedicated to nurturing and harnessing the genius within each child through a unique blend of education, equality, and entrepreneurship.

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Orange Sky is India’s first preschool with a Swedish pedagogy, setting a new standard for early childhood education. Our approach focuses on fostering the holistic development of children, enabling them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. With an unwavering commitment to education, equality, and entrepreneurship, Orange Sky creates an inclusive and empowering learning environment for young learners to unleash their full potential.


Play Group

Playgroup at Orange Sky is a vibrant and nurturing environment tailored for preschoolers aged 2 to 3 years. Through playful exploration, children build the foundations of creativity, curiosity, and confidence. 


Orange Sky Preschool offers a vibrant and engaging nursery program for young learners. Children explore the world of colors, engage in outdoor activities related to the sky, and share their observations. It’s a joyful blend of creativity and curiosity! 


Orange Sky Preschool’s LKG program is a delightful journey for young learners. Through inspirational tales, little poetry, and creative illustrations, LKG students build sharp minds and quick learning skills.


Orange Sky Preschool’s UKG program is a delightful journey for young learners. In this foundational year, children interact with peers, explore new concepts, and build essential skills.

Our Programs

Early Learning Program

Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide a solid foundation in academic subjects.

Equality Matters

At Orange Sky, we believe in breaking the stereotypes.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Skills

We understand the importance of equipping children with the skills needed for the future.

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Unlocking the Genius Within

We invite you to join the Orange Sky community, where every child is recognized as a genius with boundless potential.

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By choosing Orange Sky Preschool, you are giving your child the opportunity to grow academically, embrace equality, and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. Contact us today to schedule a visit and discover how Orange Sky can inspire your child’s educational journey.

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